πŸŽ‰ The Nation of Sesta:

Daniele Sestas has inspired us to break the mold and embrace the unconventional. eleinaD embodies the spirit of Sestas - always daring, always creative.

Our community is a testament to the power of memes to unite and bring joy to the crypto world.

Join us on this exciting journey, where laughter meets innovation, and eleinaD becomes a symbol of the Sestas spirit in the Metis DAO universe

Together, we'll redefine the possibilities of memecoins and create a community that celebrates the joy of crypto.

$ATSES - 0% tax


Welcome to the realm of Frog Nation, where our top dog Daniele Sesta rules the DeFi scene. Here at $ATSES, we proudly stand as your primary and exclusive memecoin, representing our leader in your fresh digs on the Metis network.

Vibe and HODL

About $ATSES

Contract: 0x34b4C6eb40A10BE8f8aBE4785f1DE987A2C7Fb07

Metis - Andromeda

$ATSES is your passport to the Frog-nation memeverse, but let's ribbit straight - it's all about the laughs and no serious business here! With no real utility, eleinaD is your go-to token for a hoppy journey through the world of memes. Enjoy the ribbits, embrace the humor, but don't expect it to solve world problems - it's just here to make you smile! πŸΈπŸ˜„

Token Supply: 3,174,999,999

Total Burned: 634,999,999


$ATSES is the main and only memecoin that represents Daniele Sesta's entry into the world of Metis and aims to be being the first and main memecoin of the ecosystem representing frog nation.

Join the meme party now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

$ATSES launched on January 2st, 2024. Frogtastic.

You can buy $ATSES with 0% fee through with $METIS on Netswap. Come be part of frog-nation by atseS elenaiD